Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today for Sacrament Meeting the Primary did a Christmas Program. It was very simple, with readings right out of Luke 2, Primary Christmas songs, and several congregational hymns. The closing speaker was Scott, and he gave a fantastic talk about making time for the Saviour in our lives. He quoted a lot from President Monson's talk from the Christmas Devotional.

It was a wonderful meeting. The children did great and the whole thing went very smoothly. I was very emotional and cried during the Christensen family's musical number and also during Scott's talk.

I was amazed at how many people spoke to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed the program. Definitely more than I've ever had say they like the regular yearly CSMP, and a lot of people like those! Anyway, it's always nice to get positive feedback. I'm also glad it's over.

Jesse, with prompting and a little help from myself, wrote a great talk this morning, but told me he was too shy to give it. He gets really nervous in front of people, but instead of just freezing up or getting quiet, he starts being silly and laughing. I think he must get it from me because I totally laugh when I'm really nervous. Anyway, I gave his talk for him, while he stood beside me and held up pictures. But even that was hard for him, and he was being silly the whole time. I will post his talk so we have a record of it. I know hope that he gained something from writing it, even though he didn't share it himself.

After church Brett and Jesse went to play at the Bunnage house and we had Tia over at our place.

Samantha and I stayed up late to wrap gifts and now she is sitting beside me reading over my shoulder as I type this. We sure love our girl time, don't we?!

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