Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday. Never seems to be a day of rest.

Scott leaves early for Bishopric meetings. I struggle to get the kids pressed and dressed and on time for Sacrament Meeting. We herd into the chapel at about 11:29 (or so). I'm pushing Nathan in the stroller with one hand and carrying Clara's car seat in the other.

Then there's Primary, which is always busy, but I sure do love it. After church, I rally the troops to get home... alone again, as Scott's has tithing to count and deposit.

Today we had a quick bite to eat, then had to cook a main dish and 10 lbs of green icing for the Ward Christmas Potluck Activity we had tonight.

Thirty-five Primary children doing crafts with me, Kate & Tasha, while the youth and adults were in the chapel for a program. We weren't asked to do this, but volunteered. Why? For our own sakes, really, because we all knew we'd be in the halls anyway, or trying to shush our little ones for an hour in the chapel, so why not make it fun?

Highlight of the day was getting home at 8:30, putting the kids straight to bed, and relaxing in the family room for a movie night with Scott. We watched, "Bucket List". It was cute.

Now off to bed to gear up for the last week before Christmas Break.

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