Wednesday, January 28, 2009

6 Uninteresting Things About Me

Thanks, Jordana, for tagging me. That was a (not so) subtle way to get me to post an update. I'm sick of looking at those pretzel hugs too, although they were quite tasty.

My 6 uninteresting facts:

1. I love Excel Spreadsheets. As soon as I think of a new project, task, schedule, chart, anything, I race to my laptop to create a spreadsheet for it. I think I'm addicted.

2. Up until about 4 weeks ago, I had never seen the show, The Office. Scott and I started renting it after Christmas and now we're on Season Three. How long is Jim going to be working at the Stamford Branch? (Don't answer that - I hate spoilers)

3. I used to have straight blond hair, but it has become increasingly dark and wavy over the years (having children really helped with that). I usually get highlights to keep a little blond in it, but if you look at my roots - which are way too long at the moment - they are dark brown. I now have to use a flat iron or round brush to get my hair to go straight and smooth.

4. I played classical guitar for five years (all through high school). I was in two guitar Ensembles and we travelled to Boston, Chicago, Montreal, and New York City to compete in International Music Festivals. I still have my guitar, but haven't picked it up in nearly 8 years.

5. I have my own Webkinz. He is a Buffalo named Barnwell, and was a Christmas gift to me from Samantha. I don't spend a lot of time in Webkinz World, but I do have an outdoor strawberry garden and I like to send my kids virtual gifts through Kinz Post, especially secret recipe creations.

6. I am currently in the middle of updating 28 Appendices for our Play On! Operations Manual for 2009. I need to get them done today and I am on number 16.

Okay, I will tag Lindsey, Shelley, Cheryl, Diane, Robyn, and anyone else who feels like posting unspectacular things about themselves. Go for it! I promise to come read them all.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update: Jesse Humour

We're all sick with colds here (or have been in the last week). Nathan and Clara have it the worst.

Jesse started it all. He missed two days of school last week. He only had school on Tuesday and Thursday, so essentially he had the week off. Since then it's just been passed around to the rest of the family.

I'm taking Clara into the doctor today for her 4 month checkup. I doubt they'll give her any shots, given that she's sick. She had a really bad diaper rash last week that was so raw it was almost bleeding. It's better now, but still not gone.

We saw Pat & Bill last week when had them over for lunch on Wednesday after Pat's doctor appointment. They also came in on Saturday to have dinner with us at Jeff & Lindsey's as Lindsey's parents were here for the weekend. That was fun.

This morning Jesse said that he thinks Clara is going to be a cowgirl when she grows up. I asked him why he thought that and he said, "Because, Mom, look at her! She's swinging her arm around just like a cowgirl."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update: LASIK is Booked

It's amazing how a week goes by without a post, and I don't even feel it. Just a blink and the week is gone.

And then I see Scott checking the blog and I realize that I haven't updated in a while.

Quick summary of events:

LASIK appointment was great - not only am I a good candidate, but the surgery is booked for February 6!

Pat & Bill got back from their trip to California with the Stewarts. Scott picked them up from Toronto on Sunday night and they stayed the night here.

Two birthday parties for Brett, Jeff & Lindsey over for dinner, Ward Conference, Sharing Time, and homework / projects pretty much sums up the rest of the weekend.

Today Jesse is home sick from school. I hate keeping him home when he's obviously well enough to move around / play / do stuff, but he has a really bad cough and is sneezing and blowing his nose non-stop. With his school schedule, it looks like he's only going to go one day this week (Thursday).

I wish I had something more exciting to write about today, but the reality is I'm up to my ears in laundry to fold, I just got Nathan down for a nap, Clara will be awake and hungry any minute now, and I have to run to Loblaws before Samantha & Brett get off the bus or we'll be having leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update: Nathan Turns Two

Nathan turned 2 on Sunday. We had Jeff & Lindsey over and another family we've become friends with recently. We wanted to keep it simple, so we did walking tacos and Oreo ice cream cake.

Nathan had a fun day, although I don't think he knew it was his birthday. But he loved the extra attention and excitement.

He surprised me when he tried grabbing the flames on his birthday candles. None of our other kids have ever done that, and he just kept trying, even after I told him they were hot.

And I think he enjoyed having his friend Jacob over to play. Mike & Shannon have three girls, and Samantha just adores playing with them, so it was really fun for her too.

Nathan all of a sudden seems bigger. I'm not sure if I just noticed it because he had his birthday, or if he's really doing more things these days. One thing I'm sure of is that we somehow bonded over the weekend and he's been more clingy to me lately. Always wants to play together and be doing whatever I'm doing. It's so cute, especially coming from such a die-hard Daddy's boy.

I spent a good part of the day today entering in receipts for business expenses. Took a while, but it's nice to get it checked off the never-ending To Do list.

I also spent about 2 hours with Jesse, then Brett, and Samantha doing some much-needed one on one piano practicing. It's been so long since they've had lessons and really didn't play much at all over the break, except for their Christmas songs.

Samantha really likes her new teacher, but she seems to give a fair bit more homework than her old one, so that's keeping her busy.

The kids and I have been reading the chapter books they got for Christmas every night at bedtime. I read to the boys together (hockey and Pokemon books) and then Samantha afterwards. Right now she and I are reading Inkheart and I really like it. Tonight I was tempted to read ahead just to find out what happens next, but I didn't.

Tomorrow I go in for my appointment with LASIK. I'm a little nervous, but very excited too. If I'm a good candidate, we can book a date for the surgery. Hopefully all will go well.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Update: Nathan' Soother

We had Pat & Bill here for dinner tonight, along with Jeff, Lindsey & Tyler. Lots of yummy food - it was a joint effort and turned out wonderfully - and it was really fun to visit and see everyone and hang out together talking and playing games.

Pat & Bill fly to California tomorrow to vacation at Disneyland with the Stewarts for a week! Scott's driving them to Toronto early tomorrow morning.

Nathan did the cutest thing last night. He was upstairs with Scott and I before bed (in our room) and Scott took his soother and put it in his own mouth for a tease. Nathan was trying to think of how to get it back without asking for it. He decided to start offering Scott things in return for his soother. It went something like this...

Nathan: Walk?

Scott shakes his head no.

Nathan: Book?

Scott shakes his head no.

Nathan: Cereal?

Scott shakes his head no.

Nathan was then stumped as to what else he could possibly offer. By this time we were so gaga over how cute this was that I think Scott just gave it to him, but I can't really remember.

I love watching his personality come out a little more every day. He is definitely a peace maker, and loves his siblings so much. He's always saying sweet and thoughtful things like "Whoops... sorry!" and "You okay?" He loves it when everyone is happy and laughing and always joins in on the laughter even if he doesn't "get it". He is very sensitive and perceptive to the general mood and atmosphere around him. He is truly a special boy.

I cannot believe he only has one more day to be ONE! I can't think about it too hard without getting emotional, so I'm just ignoring it for now.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Boy After My Own Heart

Brett did something so cute yesterday.

He got super excited about something I bought at Costco.

It was in a box on the kitchen floor, and as soon as he ran over to get a better look he said, "You bought that?! That's awesome! I love those! Good job, Mom!"

Guess what it was.

Brand new Ziplock containers.

Yes, a box of 22 count Twist'n Locs and Snap'n Seals made Brett very happy yesterday.

Do you see why I love this boy?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scott's Car Accident

So tonight was quite stressful. I'm pretty tired, so without going into a lot of detail, here's what happened.

At about 5:30 PM, Scott went to pick up Samantha & Jesse, who had been having a play day. These friends live on a very steep road, which is currently covered almost completely in ice.

Scott got about 3/4 of the way up the hill, when the Magnum fishtailed, lost control, and slid backwards into a snow bank and a telephone box (I'm not exactly sure what these are called, but picture a metal box with cables inside).

He couldn't back out because of the box, and he couldn't go forward because he was stuck in 2-3 feet of snow and ice going uphill. He called me to come pick up the kids and take them home, then called our Roadside Assistance.

When the tow truck arrived, they called the police (because of the damage to the box) and then tried, unsuccessfully to get the Magnum out. Finally, with the help of Jeff, who arrived with his Jeep (4 x 4) about 45 minutes after the tow truck, they were able to get Scott out.

The police weren't done with Scott though, and were threatening to charge him with reckless driving and fine him for not having valid plates and insurance.

First of all, they were upset that the call came from the tow truck, and not Scott himself, and were really mad that he damaged the box thing.

Second, our plates expired last week, and we've had the renewals on the side of our fridge for weeks, but hadn't gotten around to renewing them yet.

Third, when Scott made the call to Roadside Assistance from inside the van (when I was picking up the kids) he had left all of the documents from the Magnum on the front seat of the van, which was at home, so he couldn't produce them for the officer at the scene.

The officer followed him home, where he produced the insurance documents and explained the situation regarding the ice and the slipping, etc. and finally the police decided not to charge or fine him after all.

By the time the officer left our house it was after 9:00 PM. I had long since missed Ward Council and the kids were still a bit worked up about everything (getting stuck, Dad being gone so long, the police coming over) so they were having a hard time getting to sleep.

Anyway, it's all over now, and I'm so thankful everything worked out fine. The only thing damaged is our rear bumper, and I guess we'll have to take a look in the morning to see if it's worth filing an insurance claim.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Yesterday we got shocked back into real life, starting with getting up at 6:00 AM for early church. Scott's meetings start at 7:00 AM now, and I had to get up equally as early to get myself and all the kids to the chapel in time for Sacrament Meeting, which starts at 9:30. Luckily, I was able to set up the Primary Room on Saturday when we were at the church all day for the Floor Hockey Tournament.

I was also doing Sharing Time, and trying to make sure everything was organized for the new Primary teachers and classes, etc. But I have to say that everything went really well. We got to church 15 minutes early, everyone was dressed, hair was done, faces washed, and we were even in good moods with no fighting or yelling in the process.

After church we headed straight down to Kingsville for a visit with Pat & Bill. It was good to see them and we had a nice (but too short) visit. Scott & I popped over to visit Grandma Paton, who is in a nursing home in Kingsville. This was our first time visiting her there, and it was hard for both of us to see her. She's regressed a fair bit since moving in there, and is so unhappy, but knows there's nothing she can do about it. She says she can't do anything anymore - she has a hard time seeing (ever since the cataract surgery), can't hear, can't read and write anymore. Anyway, I was glad we got to visit her, even though I left feeling very sad.

Today the kids started school again, and it was back to full time work for Scott and busy days and routines for the rest of us. The kids grumbled a bit when they had to come home and do homework and piano and grumbled a whole lot when they had to get out of bed this morning, but overall I'd say it went okay.

We have zero groceries in the house right now, and I was intending to get out today but it didn't work out, so I'll have to go tomorrow. As a result of being short on time and groceries, I did the unthinkable and served my family beans and wieners for dinner. I wasn't sure what to expect from them, since this was their first time having this particular cuisine. But as it turned out...

The kids loved it. They sat there, all four of them at the table, with their bowls in front of them, a little shredded cheese sprinkled on top, eating happily and saying how fantastic this dinner tasted.

And I was forced to admit that Scott was right - again.

(A little background...)

Three days ago I was complaining to Scott about how our kids are too picky for my liking. This was right after a meal of baked spiced salmon, vegetable-herb rice pilaf and cooked carrots, which the boys ate begrudgingly, Nathan mostly played with, and Samantha missed because she was (very happily) eating over at a friends' house that day.

And Scott's response to my griping was that, well, they're KIDS. They like mac 'n cheese, chicken fingers, and Ramen noodles. They don't get excited about stuffed mushrooms or mango-red pepper salsa, but give them some peanut butter and jelly and they're all good.

Sometimes I hate it when Scott's right.