Monday, October 25, 2010

How Nathan Gets Out of Doing Everything

This is the conversation Nathan and I had this morning.

Nathan came into my room hoping to watch some cartoons but stopped when he saw my unmade bed.

Nathan: Mom! You should really make your bed.

Me: Yes, I should. (pause) Nathan, you should really make your bed.

Nathan: No!

Me: Why not?

Nathan: Because my favourite thing to do is not make my bed.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Preschool for Nathan

Three friends and I started a home preschool group for our three year old children who will be starting Junior Kindergarten in another year from now.

Nathan is so excited and has been loving going to Preschool each week. We went shopping to get his workbook and he was so proud - he couldn't wait to show Nana and Grandma!

He also has his own backpack and a pencil case filled with his school supplies.

It has been a fun group and I am happy for Nathan to have his own activity to go to, as he often seems to be left out of everything that his older siblings do.

Ironically, Samantha & JD have been asking if we could please host one of our preschool days on a day when they will be home from school so that they can help out with the activities.

Nathan was thrilled to have his own "Back to School" photo on the front step, just like the big kids, on his first day of Preschool.