Monday, December 29, 2008

This holiday is just flying by... Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were pretty much extensions of Christmas Day. We stayed home and relaxed, built Lego, talked to family on the phone, played with new toys and games, and ate leftover Christmas dinner and homemade turkey soup.

On Friday Samantha spent the day with her friend (Samantha) and ended up sleeping over! This is a huge deal because she's only had "sleepovers" at family (like Pat & Bill's) or when we've gone away and left all the kids with friends or something. She's had friends sleep over here, but that's different obviously. Anyway, she had fun and got to go see her friend play Ringette on Saturday morning.

We've also enjoyed our family movie nights (High School Musical 1 and 2 have been big hits).

On Saturday I spent a few hours working on Primary Stuff, including finishing putting together our teaching binders for the New Year.

Nathan has still been pretty sick. Yesterday Scott and I traded off at church (he went to Sacrament, I went to Primary with the kids) so that Nathan could stay home.

Clara started sucking her thumb yesterday. She's done it before, but mostly just by luck, as she's not very good at getting it in her mouth when she wants to. Yesterday she was able to suck it for over an hour and she was so happy! As much as I dread having another kid to break of the thumb-sucking habit in a few years, I can't help but think how CUTE it is at this age!

And I think that part of the reason she is such a good sleeper is because she sucks on her hands and fingers in her cradle. In fact, this morning she woke up extra early (considering she didn't sleep until 12:30 last night) and I noticed that her sleepers were covering up her hands.

Anyway, I hear another child or two rolling out of bed (it's almost 10:00 AM) so I better go and get this day started before it's over and we're all still in our pajamas.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journal with me. I really enjoy reading about what you're doing and what you're thinking. I love you! xoxo


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