Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Their Future Wives Will Be Grateful One Day

I had Jesse and Brett with me for a quick trip to the mall yesterday.

While walking by Merle Norman just before heading home, I decided to pop in and get my upper lip waxed.

As this was the boys' first experience with cosmetology, they had a lot of questions for the lady working there (who was very nice and had a good sense of humour, fortunately).

What's that green slimy stuff you're putting on her face?

Is this a spa?

Are you going to put cucumbers on her eyes?

When it was time to pay, Brett piped up again:

It cost $8.40 just for that? That took like 2 seconds! If I worked here, I wouldn't charge that much.

Lady: Is that so? What would you charge?

Brett: (thinks for a second) I would charge $6.99.

Lady: Wow, that's pretty cheap.

Jesse: Well, if I worked here, I would charge $3000.


  1. Jesse has alot more of Scott in him then I thought!xoxo - p.s I don't think you ever have to worry about your future daughter in laws...they will be lucky girls xoxo

  2. That's hilarious, that lady must have been laughing all day over that!

  3. I told my friend at work this story and she had a good laugh over it. Your kids are so funny! It was so fun talking to you last night! xoxo

  4. Don't let brett know what I charge for 15 minutes of work, he would probably freak out. I definitely like Jesse's style.

  5. Thanks for the great laugh. Glad you are blogging and recording these stories. One day the boys will be grateful too, for the recorded memory. Give Brett a $6.99 hug and Jesse a $3000 hug from Grandma.


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