Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Start another blog that is. Just more of an online diary than anything else. Mostly unedited and probably written in little snippets here and there. My own little corner of the world wide web.

In the interest of time (I need to get Nathan & Clara out the door in the next 20 minutes), here's a quick summary of the last 2 days.

On Tuesday, Oscar had surgery on his legs, poor little guy, and has been limping around with a shaved and sore plastic-covered wound and a purple sock-thingy over his back leg to prevent itching. He also had this crazy collar that looked like a huge funnel to prevent licking, but he couldn't eat in it, so we had to take it off.

Nathan and Scott spent half the night last night in the emergency room after I found Nathan in the upstairs hallway with an open bottle of (adult) Extra Strength Tylenol and white drool dripping down his chin. They had to give him a nose tube to administer charcoal, and then they waited 4 hours to do a blood test, which came out fine. Still, it was probably the scariest night of my life waiting for the phone call from Scott to let me know he was going to be okay.

That's it for now. We've got Jesse's Christmas Concert at school this afternoon, and Scott's birthday to get ready for!

I'll be back to gab more later.

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  1. Oh man, that is so scary, I'm so glad he's okay!!


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