Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not Your Typical Saturday Date Night

Last night Clara had an adventure at the hospital.  Here's what happened...

Clara's story:  I was walking from the couches to the kitchen.  I was looking at the chair by the computer, and I tried to walk through it, but it touched my head and I started bleeding.  

Our story:  Clara walked into a chair. 

Her gash was small, but fairly deep.  Of course it was Saturday night at bedtime, so we couldn't take her into our family doctor.  We decided to head to Emergency.  

In the waiting room:

Ready to see the doctor:

A popsicle for being such a brave girl while they glued her head back together and sealed it up with some paper stitches:

Clara was quite cheerful throughout the night.  We think she was enjoying staying up later, having some time with Mom, Dad and Clayton all to herself, getting lots of attention from nurses, staff, and strangers, and getting to play on the iPad while waiting for the doctor.  There were also some pictures, videos, stickers and a popsicle.  Pretty much a super fun night for any four year old. 

Oh, and some Red Lobster afterwards.  That was fun too.  We didn't get home until almost midnight.  Thank goodness for daylight savings this weekend.