Thursday, February 14, 2008

We Have a One Year Old in the House!

Nathan was the sweetest little birthday boy! He got lots of attention from his siblings, and even a visit from Nana and Papa for some birthday cake in the evening.

I feel bad that I'm blogging about his first birthday a month late, but that's just the way life goes for the fourth child, right? (Yes, I realize that when Samantha turned one, the only person on the planet that had even heard of blogging was my brother, Sami, but that's beside the point.)

Here is a little bit of what Nathan is like at 13 months...

Mode of Locomotion:
The Crawl (I think he's following in the footsteps of his older cousin, Jayna, who just started walking at 17 months)

Favourite Words:
Uh-oh (after anything falls on the floor)
Heeeeeyyyyy (when he sees something appealing like food or Oscar)
Hi (whenever he sees - or heaven forbid, gets his hands on - a phone)
NO! (used completely in context about 134 times a day, on average)
Boo! (as in Peek-a-boo... for some reason he says this right away as soon as he sees us with the camcorder)

Favourite Pastimes:
Chasing Oscar
Doing bad things to laptops by banging repeatedly on the keyboard
Finding marbles, Legos, K'nex, or any other chokable objects to put in his mouth when Mom's not looking
Playing on the Electric Piano
Emptying the dishwasher (clean or dirty), and contents of the cupboards onto the kitchen floor
Going for a ride in the sled when it's time to pick up Jesse from school
Watching "Backyardigans" (or listening to Backyardigans Music on iTunes)
Playing in the toilet
Did I mention eating?

It's scary to think of how fast a year has gone by.  A year and a month ago I came home from the hospital with this new little bundle and I remember looking at his curly black hair and wondering how our lives would change from that moment on.  Sometimes I think of how Nathan is lucky to be born into a family with two parents and three older siblings who adore every single thing about him.  But mostly we are lucky, or I think the more appropriate word is, blessed.  Yes, we are so very blessed to have Nathan in our family.  I absolutely cannot imagine life without this precious boy.