Monday, June 4, 2007

A Wonderful Weekend

Scott and I had such a great time at the cottage this weekend. It was so relaxing to get away, and the weather in Tobermory couldn't have been better. The highlight of the weekend for me was our hike at Bruce Peninsula National Park on Saturday. We always go for a quick swim in Georgian Bay... key word being quick. I'm telling you, this water is COLD!

I love how every trip to the cottage is filled with what have now become family traditions. Swimming in Cameron Lake and Georgian Bay; hiking along the Bruce Trail; staying up to talk until all hours of the night, usually with a fire crackling in the fireplace; whitefish dinners; getting ice cream at The Sweet Shop in town; strolls along the Tub (harbour) to name a few.

Here are a couple of pictures from the trip. The first one is a picture of Scott at the Tub, which is basically downtown Tobermory. We went into town on Saturday night and had white fish at the annual town Fish Fry. It was fun, but not nearly as tasty as the whitefish we usually buy fresh and cook ourselves.

We always have lots of trilliums up at the cottage, and I was having fun trying out the settings on my camera.

Sunday morning we woke up to see two families of geese hanging out in Cameron Lake right by the dock. As soon as I stepped outside to get some pictures they swam away pretty quickly, but I managed to snap a couple.

It's wonderful to go away, but it's great to be back home again. The kids had a great time with Scott's Mom, although I don't know how they ever survived the weekend. We came home to find that our house had no hot water, no air conditioning, and no phone, internet, or cable service! Everything is up and running now, thankfully, but I have to hand it to Pat for being able to survive the heat and 4 crazy kids all weekend under such conditions and still be smiling by the time we got home.

We got some exciting news last night that Scott's brother and wife are expecting their first baby in December! We are so excited to have another baby in the family - and how fun that he or she will be born the same year as Nathan!

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  1. What a Wonderful Tradition....thats what memories are made of


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