Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Up Close and Personal: Samantha

I feel like Samantha has become really grown up all of a sudden. She's about to finish Grade 1 and is starting to mature in a lot of ways. Some days I go crazy trying to figure out how to be a Mom to a seven year old. I try to give her the independence and freedom she wants, but at times she's reluctant to own the responsibility that goes with it. I know that I'm hard on her - partly because she's the oldest, and partly because she's my only daughter. I hope one day she will understand that I only have her best interest at heart.

I love having alone time with Samantha after the boys have gone to bed. She's definitely a "night owl" and loves to stay up as late as possible. Tonight I thought it would be fun to ask her some questions. Here are her replies:

Name: Samantha Jean (after her mom, grandma, and 2 great-grandmothers)
Age: 7 years old... (going on 13)
Best Friend: Christine
Favourite colour: light blue, white, & light pink
Favourite food: mashed potatoes
Favourite show: Scooby-Doo
Favourite subject at school: Science
Favourite song: This One's for the Girls (Martina McBride)
Favourite book: any Cam Jansen mystery novel
Favourite sport: tennis
Favourite things to do: word searches, ride her scooter, lose teeth
What she wants to be when she grows up: a vet or a figure skater
What she's looking forward to doing when school's out in a couple of weeks: going swimming and going to the movie theatre and *hoping* to go to Build-A-Bear workshop (we'll see about that...)
What's her pet peeve: bug bites
What she loves most about herself: "I'm really good at drawing" (yes she is!)

What I love about Samantha: She's smart, helpful, fun-loving, creative, curious, kind and sensitive. She's a great reader, singer, and big sister... she's one of a kind!

What do you love about Samantha?

Scott and I are running around like crazy trying to get ready for the Play On! Tournament in Halifax this weekend. I think next week will be the week to catch up on sleep before the kids get out of school for the summer!


  1. Samantha looks so big and cute with her missing teeth. It was fun to get to know her from your questions. Maybe when her new teeth come in she will try crunchy foods!

  2. Let me tell you what I love about Samantha: she's thoughtful, in that she always thinks of ways to cheer other people up. The other day, we came home and our neighbour, Leslie, had a for sale sign on the lawn in front of her home. Just a few minutes later, Samantha had a fancy home-made card for Leslie, including the comment "We will miss you Leslie." What a thoughtful thing to do!!!

    Samantha is also very talented. She currently plays piano, takes gymnastic lessons, and plays soccer. In the winter she takes skating, and when the summer gets here she'll take swimming. A few weeks ago, she sang brilliantly in church. She is good at everything.

    She cheers me up after a long day at work and she takes good care of all her Brothers when she needs to. She is a wonderful 1st Child and a terrific big sister.

    Did I mention that her ability to speak French is progressing rapidly and is beyond impressive! Her ability has certainly already exceeded that of her parents (sidenote: Dad got an A in OAC French!)

    We are looking forward to continuing to watch her grow and are especially focusing on preparing her for her baptism next May.

    I love you Samantha!!

  3. Adrienne Said,
    Oh how we love Samantha...Let us count the ways... We love how her smile lights up a room, We love how when she has a sleep over she can stay awake the longest, We love how she makes our family feel so special, But most of all we love Samantha because she knows who she is - A Daughter Of A loving Heavenly Father xoxo we LOVE you Sam.


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