Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feedblitz, Anyone?

Sometimes life is just so busy! I was thinking about this today while I was feeding my kids sandwiches for dinner in the van as we picked up Samantha from her piano lesson and drove straight to her soccer game. Scott was able to take a few minutes to come to the game before heading back to office for a few more hours of work!

The good news is that Nana is here in town for a couple of days to watch our children while Scott & I head up to the cottage with two other couples for a weekend getaway in Tobermory. We are really looking forward to it!

So, things may be a little quiet around here for a couple of days... but I'll be back soon - hopefully with some great pictures of the Bruce Peninsula and Georgian Bay.

You may have noticed the new "Subscribe me!" button I added on the sidebar to the right. If you want to get email updates for my blog you can sign up and Feedblitz will let you know when new posts are added. I have one subscriber already (thanks, Scott!) :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Life can be very busy these days. Not to mention the fact that every day we face a multitude of new choices. Businesses constantly offer you more options. People give out gift cards instead of presents which means we even have to choose our own presents these days.

    Besides Feedblitz, you can also use any feed reader (like NetNewsWire, Liferea, etc. or new browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE7) to subscribe to the Atom feed. There's a clickable, broadcast-ish looking icon in the right side of the address bar on any page which has an associated RSS feed.

  2. Hey - love your blog. I too am just getting the hang of this blogging thing. I haven't started a personal one yet, but we have one going for my Family Reunion that is planned this summer and it's been a fun way for everyone to be involved in the planning of it...So fun to see how big your kids are getting to be. Samantha is 7????How can that be?? And check out the hair on that baby - it's so adorable. Keep up the blogging and I'll check in every once in awhile. Perhaps it will motivate me to get into this more.


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