Monday, June 11, 2007

Catching Up

Thursday night I went to a baby shower for our friends that had a baby boy. Now, I'm not that old, but it sure makes me feel old when kids that I used to baby-sit get married and have babies of their own! This was my first time meeting Sasha, Michael's wife, and their baby Karson is so sweet! Jesse helped me pick out some baby clothes at Old Navy, and all of the clothes had cute little green alligators on them. He even picked out a little stuffed alligator / baby rattle. This is the card I made to go along with the gift.

Friday morning I dropped off Brett and Jesse at a friend's house so that Nathan and I could volunteer at Samantha's end of the year field trip to the Children's Festival. There were tons of games, crafts, and fun activities and booths. Samantha never passes up a chance to get her face painted! It's been one of her favourite things since she was old enough to walk. Samantha and her friend Kayley made lots of crafts, including a mask, a kite, a clothespin hand, and a fun-foam flower. They also won some prizes and got to watch a musical performance at Museum London (en francais).

Friday night we travelled to Kingsville for Scott's cousin's Wedding Reception. Heidi made a beautiful bride, and it was a wonderful evening filled with great company, delicious food, and lot's of dancing.

With soccer pictures, a Primary Activity, a friend's birthday dinner, and Samantha singing in church on Sunday - the rest of the weekend flew by. Now we are getting ready for our Play On! Tournament this weekend in Halifax. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few of posts here and there. Thanks for those of you that have subscribed to my blog. I'm enjoying this blogging hobby, as it's kind of an outlet for me as well as an online journal for our family. The fact that some people actually want to read it is totally a bonus. So, thanks!

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