Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nathan at Five Months

I love this picture of Nathan in his bouncy. He loves to be in there watching everything going on around him. When Scott is in the room, Nathan likes to show off by bouncing really high and smiling. Nathan is quick to smile and has the sweetest little laugh.

I thought a few weeks after Nathan was born the novelty of having a baby around would have worn off for our other children. But they are still enthralled with him. Brett and Jesse argue over who gets to hold him first when they wake up in the morning, and Samantha says she doesn't like being at school all day because she misses Nathan too much.

Nathan is rolling over now - mostly back to tummy. He likes to be sung to and is starting to grasp onto some toys. Anything he gets a hold of goes straight to his mouth.

I actually feel a tinge of sadness as I see him reach these baby milestones. The busier life gets, the more quickly time passes, and I feel like Nathan is growing up before I'm ready to let go of these precious young moments.

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