Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preschool - W Day

Yesterday's Preschool was "W" day at our house. I was watching my friend's daughter for the day, so we ended up with 6 kids.

Here is what we did:

LEARNING: We learned about 4 different kinds of whales (blue whale, orca whale, beluga whale, humpback whale)

We went "Whale Watching". I had some hidden pictures of whales around the room and they took turns finding a whale and telling what kind of whale it was.

SONG: Baby Beluga by Raffi - We made wands using straws and had baby beluga whales taped to the ends of the wands. They made the belugas swim and dance to the music.

ACTIVITY: We did some W actions, kind of like charades.

washing windows
waving or waves in the ocean
pulling a wagon
blowing in the wind

STORY BOOK: Where the Wild Things Are

SNACK: watermelon, walnuts, worms (gummy worms), water

CRAFT: gluing seeds onto watermelons

GAME: Whales & Fishies - One child starts off as the whale in the middle of the room. The rest are fish, and they have to cross the ocean without getting eaten (tagged) by the whale. If the whale eats you, you become a whale too. Once all the fish have been eaten, start again with a different whale.

(Optional activity - Window Writers. The Crayola markers that you can draw and erase on windows. Nathan and Samantha did this later in the day, but it wasn't part of our preschool.)

Preschool books - they are getting better at writing their letters!

Last we had a water station. I filled some plastic tubs with water and had measuring cups, spoons, and other tools to play with in the water.


  1. I love it..good good job...grandbabies are coming for easter,,,,maybe Ill steal that good idea...is that ok with you?

  2. That looks so fun! Once again, I'm so glad you posted this because I'm pretty much going to use all your ideas. Nathan looks really big in these pictures, especially the one where he's writing on the window. Did he just have a growth spurt? Jayna grew an inch in the last month! She better not outgrow her 5T pants before the summer.

  3. Cassandra,
    You make it so much fun....we all want to go back to pre-school at your home.
    I love the watermellon idea . The kids look like they are having a blast. Nathan smiles with those great big eyes and we all melt. Clara is getting way too grown up.
    You are doing an awesome job!!!

  4. You are so creative! If I lived closer, I'd totally want to join in the fun.


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