Friday, March 18, 2011

The Magical World of Disney

We took the kids to Disney World on Tuesday.

Here are my personal tips, learned from our one day at the Magic Kingdom:

{Disclaimer: I am the least experienced Disney vacationer ever. So please, if you are looking for real tips on how to experience Disney, I wouldn't make this your number one resource.}

1. Go early.

We arrived in time to see the "Opening Ceremonies" and the rope drop first thing in the morning.

I definitely recommend this, as you can do so much in those first couple of hours before the park gets busy.

2. Get a double stroller.

I thought Scott was overdoing it when he went to rent a double stroller, but it came in handy as Nathan not only didn't want to walk most of the time, but actually ended up falling asleep later in the stroller. And we used it to hold the backpack and cameras too.

Clara was also in a stroller. Unfortunately, she wasn't keen on the falling asleep part... until the drive home. Of course.

She did like this Marching Band that was entertaining us while we waited for the big kids and Scott to come out from a show.

The band was amazing! Which leads me into the next tip...

3. The bands, shows, music, and parade are awesome. The rides may appeal to many, but the shows are my favourite.

As a kid, I remember making fun of my Mom when she thought Space Mountain was scary. And she would never have gone on the ride in the first place, except she was kind of tricked into it.

So this week when I voluntarily took my kids to the same ride, and then proceeded to scream the entire time because I was scared to death, I felt a deep connection to and a new level of understanding for my Mom.

I used to love going on the craziest, highest, most upside-down roller coasters and now I get queasy when I ride on Dumbo the Elephant.

Am I turning into my mother?

Uh, let's just get back to the Disney tips...

4. If you want to be in Nathan's good books, don't spin the wheel too much on the Tea Cup ride.

For the record, I was counter-spinning JD and Samantha's crazy wheel-spinning. (See Tip #3)

5. Get a really good, front row spot to watch the parade.

You might have to save your spot super early, but getting some popsicles and a turkey leg can help to pass the time.

Scott had been waiting for 7 years to try one of these famous Disney Turkey Legs.

6. If you go to Disney during the busy season, you have to wait in long lines to see the Characters, especially the really popular characters.

The lines for rides can be discouraging too. So if you get a chance to go during low season, take it. Don't be like us and go during March Break.

7. Get a family photo.

You can never have to many of these. And your kids might smile and look at the camera better when someone else takes it.

8. Remember that you don't have to see and do everything in one day.

It's about making memories and having fun together as a family.


  1. Cassandra, You are very wise! I would follow your advice any day. You look like you all had a great time. It really is MAGICAL isn't it?

  2. It looks like you guys had an awesome day! I agree with all your tips, except I still love all the crazy rides. In fact Gibb and I were wishing for the Islands of Adventures roller coasters where we were there. :) Seeing all your pictures gives me goosebumps, because it really is the happiest place.

  3. Hey you guys are doing it up right!!
    I'm so happy that you are having so much fun and making amazing family memories.
    The kids won't want to come back home they look like they are loving this.

  4. Sounds like you had a fun day at Disney World. Parents spending a day there with five children have my respect. I love the picture of Nathan in his sunglasses. Disney truly is magical, an adventure worth experiencing.

  5. That trip looks like so much fun! Great family photo. I have no idea how you got everyone to look at the camera at the same time. I can't even get three of us on board! Those ice cream Mickey Mouse ears looked delicious.


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