Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kub Kar Rally

Brett had a great time designing and creating his KubKar.

He did everything except for the cutting of the wood.

The Wednesday before the big race, Brett's Cub Pack had their own pre-rally rally. Brett came in 2nd! He also won the award for Best Use of Colour.

Saturday was the city-wide race. Brett did fairly well in each of his 6 heats. He even placed 2nd in one of them. He placed 3rd or 4th in most of the others.

On the way home from the rally he was already planning next year's car.


  1. Brett, you are the most handsome Cub I know. Congratulations on decorating such a colourful car and doing so well in all the races. I love you, Grandma

  2. That car is awesome. Best use of colour -- totally! I'd drive it.

  3. Brett you are so incredible. You can build anything. I am so amazed with your abilities. I watch you with lego and you no doubt can design a whole city. Congratulations on a wonderful job WELL DONE!! Love always Nana


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