Saturday, March 5, 2011

She Decided to Give Me a Taste of My Own Medicine

Yesterday while I was on the phone with our cable company, Clara found a bottle of Febreeze.

By the time I hung up she had sprayed it all over the hardwood floors, dining chairs and table, cabinets, and laptop cords.

You think with all that spraying, she would have managed to hit some type of fabric, but no.

I put her in a time out and started cleaning up the mess.

Pretty soon I heard Clara disciplining me from her chair:

Mommy! You go to bed right now!

You be grumpy! You go to your crib right now!


You really grumpy and you go to bed. You go to time out!

1... 2... 3!

Okay! You go to time out right now!


  1. Clara is well beyond her age Cassandra. Like Nathan...she's very mature in a tiny little body. She is so smart and she will always keep us on our toes. Funny how we hear ourselves through our childrens voices. It's still happening to me and my kids are all grown up.

  2. it happened to me when Dane lived with us. He got out some raspberry oil spray from under the kitchemn sink and sprayed the window furniture and telephone box. As I tried to clean it up the finish came off. I don't why liitle kids need to spray stuff - but his little kid was 11.

    ps Clara looks really cute

  3. We turn into our parents and our kids turn into us. I've tried to fight it, but now I embrace it. Abby is like a super cute parrot.

  4. I love both you girls, personifying the circle of life. Is Febreeze good furniture polish?

  5. LOL this makes me laugh so hard!!! At a girl put that Mommy in her place!!! She can be VERY bossy...I know;)!!!!


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