Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good-bye, March Break. Hello, Spring!

We arrived home about 3:00 PM today.

While I can't say we're glad to be home from vacation, I think it is safe to say we're glad to be out of the van.

Some hi-lights from the trip:
  • Stocking up on Cinnamon Goldfish before leaving the US. Those things are so good! And addictive.
  • Finding a great hotel to stay at (with a pool!), despite the weddings, conventions, and soccer tournaments that were going on in the entire area where we needed to stop last night. Scott gets all the credit.
  • Stopping at a Game Store to buy two new DS games for the kids that bought us approximately 11 hours of peace on the drive home. Another one of Scott's good ideas.
  • Listening to Clara pretend to talk to Grandma on the phone in her carseat.
  • Nathan falling asleep less than 15 seconds after laying his tired head down on the pillow last night.
  • Starting a new John Grisham novel which really helped the time in the car to fly by.
  • Clara answering all of the border guards questions. She just can't comprehend any situation where she isn't the centre of attention.
  • Coming home and seeing that the snow had melted and the kids on our street were out playing hockey in their t-shirts. I think Spring may finally be here!
Some not-so-fun parts of the trip:
  • Clara throwing up in Arby's in front of a group of 6 couples enjoying a lovely weekend brunch together. They were very nice about it. Clara seemed to be feeling fine within minutes, so I'm pretty sure it was car sickness.
I also want to mention that the restaurant had carpet in the entire eating area. Seriously, I felt horrible about Clara getting sick in there, but carpet? Really??
  • When a beautiful, dark grey cat jumped over the median and ran in front of our van. Scott did a good job of keeping us in the lane after the impact, considering there was a bit of traffic around us. But it was heart-breaking for everyone, especially Scott.
More Florida pictures to follow... But now I'm off to read some more Grisham before I fall asleep.


  1. Glad you got to have fun in the sun...and that the snow has melted for your return. Can't wait to hear more details of your trip.

  2. Thrilled that you had such a great vacation.!! More thrilled to have you home again. Anxious to see all your pictures and get all the kids takes on their favourite things.
    Hope to see you SOON!

  3. Clara answering the border guy's questions, that's adorable! Cinnamon goldfish sound awesome. And I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am that it's spring there and the snow is already melted. So are you guys in for a fall trip to Orlando??

  4. Road trips are so much fun. Sounds like the kids all had a blast! Sorry to hear about the cat and the puking. I'm with you on the carpet -- why in the world? I'm sure the cinnamon goldfish are awesome. I'll have to have my mother-in-law send me some.


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