Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Preschool - T Day

We hosted preschool this morning. Here's what we did to have some fun with the letter "T".

I had a wall full of T words and each word had an activity to do.

train - We built a train track with Geotrax and all the accessories. We also put together a large train puzzle one the floor.

tower - We built a tall tower with mega blocks.

tent - We turned off all the lights and went on a campout in our tent with some flashlights.

teddy bears - We played a teddy bear toss game, where the basket got further away on each round.

triangles - We made triangle art. We glued different sizes and colours of triangles onto cardstock.

turtle - We painted the back of a paper plate green and made a turtle craft with it. We had buttons or googles for the eyes and green cardstock for the heads, arms, and legs.

We also did some singing, had snack time, and worked on our Workbook sheets (printing and numbers) and that was all the time we had.

Next time we host it will be with the letter "W". If you have any fun ideas for this letter, please send them my way!


  1. Brilliant!!! Such great ideas...keep posting...I will be stealing!!! xo

  2. Cassandra - what great ideas! You are doing a fantastic job and I know Nathan loves it! Thanks for letting us all have a peek at your busy life.

  3. Wow, you've been posting so much, I love it!! Now I kind of feel caught up with you even though we haven't talked in forever. And don't you leave for Orlando tomorrow?? Anyways, I love all the updates, especially Clara putting you in time out, hehe, so cute! I hope you guys have a great trip, I'm tempted to try and call before you leave, but if not we'll catch up when you get back. Miss you guys!

  4. What an inventive teacher you are!!! Great job!! AND Orlando is waiting!!! call and give us your address...k love you

  5. "We did the letter 'T' last week in our preschool, too. We talked about teeth, good foods for teeth and bodies, painted a tooth, played a tooth game, got a new toothbrush, and all this was taught my a mommy dressed in her dental hygienist outfit. It was great." From Jayna, Kepler and Grandma Kathy


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