Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update: April Fool's and Other Random Thoughs

Some thoughts on what we've been up to lately:

1. Meaghan's concert on Thursday was so much fun! We all loved it!

2. Samantha woke up early (or stayed up late?) to play some April Fools Jokes on her brothers:

Brett was livid and couldn't wait to get the marker washed off. This wasn't surprising given that the boy is 8 years old and has never had his face painted (his choice). He refused to even let me snap a quick photo of the prank.

Jesse was indifferent, but washed his face before leaving for school.

Nathan loved it and wanted to leave it on all day. He thought the moustache made him look like one of the Super Mario Brothers.

3. I loved watching General Conference this past weekend. Especially the Sunday afternoon session. Elder Scott, Elder Robbins, and Elder Holland's talks were some of my favourites.

4. We all loved having Nana in town for the weekend! She taught Brett some Math tricks, danced with Clara to imaginary princess music, and listened to our kids play piano duets.

She also learned what happens when you don't lock the bathroom door at our house.

One minute she was enjoying a peaceful soak in the bathtub... Until the door flew open, Nathan ran in, and decided he needed to take a bath too.

5. Scott and I were able to attend a baby blessing on Sunday night at the home of some friends.

All I can say is newborn babies are precious beyond words. Holding a newborn baby makes me so happy. And sad. Because my children were that tiny once too. And now they are growing up and they do things like wipe my kisses off of their cheeks and foreheads.

6. This week Scott and I made trips (separately) to Toronto to work at the Bishop's Storehouse. He went on Monday with a group of friends and I went yesterday with 3 lovely ladies.

It was neat to see people working together to help those in need, and I was grateful to be part of it, even if just for a few short hours.

7. I think the best (worst) April Fool's Trick of all is that it snowed on Sunday! Spring, where are you??


  1. I really think that was my best experience watching and listening to general conference on your big screen. Now I am making a one line summary about each speaker with their name attached and it will be placed on our frig as a pattern to try to live by this year.
    I was so happy to be invited to stay all weekend. Next time I will come prepared with a tooth brush and a change of clothes. It's so wonderful to be together and play with the kids.
    Thanks too for the receipes...they were delicious. Had a great time!!

  2. That's a cute April Fool's prank, I'll have to remember that one. Samantha sounds like a girl after my own heart, I was so disappointed I didn't do anything this year. I agree newborns are way too precious...I keep trying to remember that as I hobble around the my house today ;) Miss you!!
    P.S. thanks for the advice the other day!


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