Monday, March 2, 2009

Update: Getting Sick

Yesterday I stayed home from church with Brett, as he had been throwing up on Saturday night. We had gone over to a friends house for pizza & wings night, and our poor baby-sitter had to clean it all up.

Today he and Samantha are home from school with fevers and Clara woke up with an eye infection. When I got her out of her cradle this morning she looked like this:

Her eye was crusted shut. You think she would have been sad about it but instead she was as happy as ever and smiling at everyone.

She also has had a decrease in her appetite since Saturday, which worries me a little. But I think it might be that she's just not been feeling well. Yesterday she only had about 4 solid feedings.

Today was the deadline for RSP contributions, so I had to go the bank to set that up. Talk about leaving it to the last minute.

I really hope things start to settle down a bit around here because I'm pretty sure I'm reaching my limit.

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