Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update: The Rest of March Break

Back to school again. The kids have been pretty tired. Even Jesse, who usually jumps out of bed raring to go, had a really hard time this morning.

We had a busy week and an even busier weekend, so I think we're all exhausted from that.

Here's a summary of what we did from Wednesday to Sunday:

I spent a few hours at the church making favours and decorations for Tasha's shower with Adrienne and Alexis. The kids played in the gym.

We all visited the dentist. Not fun, but the worst part was paying the mondo bill at the end. I miss our dental coverage.

Scott put on a presentation to a group from the London Newcomers about the church and gave a tour of the building.

We took the kids to a fun new place called Kidscape. They all had a great time. Nathan was in heaven. We stayed until closing.

Brett and Nathan went to play at a friends house. Samantha and Jesse had 4 friends come play at our house. Samantha's one friend slept over and they were up until late watching movies and having fun.

Scott went to the Youth Temple Trip.

I took Samantha and Clara to another baby shower, for which I made 3 dozen quiche tarts. Lindsey watched the boys, since Scott was in Toronto.

While taking Brett to another play date, I noticed 2 Open Houses in the friend's neighbourhood, so I did a quick walk-through of both of them. Beautiful new homes, and we're starting to get ideas of what we want in a house, even though we're several months away from buying.

We went to a potluck end-of-spring-break party. There were about 7 families there. Lots of good food and socializing.

We put on a Teacher Training Luncheon for Primary workers on Sunday. We had a couple of teachers away that day, but ended up feeding about 16 people (plus a few kids). We did some training while they enjoyed a luncheon of various soups, salad and buns. I think it went well.

Pat & Bill surprised us with a visit on Sunday afternoon. We also had a missionary farewell to stop by at and then Scott, Jeff, & Bill went to a Stake-wide Bishoprics Meeting together.

All that, plus any other activities the kids could cram into the remaining hours: more bike riding, playing in the yard, Wii, lego building, games and more.

Jesse is getting really good at pitching the baseball to himself. He can throw it in the air, swing, and hit it across the yard. He rarely misses. He's so coordinated, that kid!

Scott is off to Toronto this afternoon and evening, and I've got a big RS Anniversary dinner tonight that I'll be dragging the kids to. (They are providing babysitting there, which is nice. Hopefully it won't go too late though.)

That's it for now. Gotta run shower while Nathan is distracted for a few minutes with his cars and a cartoon, otherwise I'll be in my pj's until naptime.


  1. Sounds like your kids had a lot of fun on their spring break - even if it was a little chaotic. I have to go to the dentist too, and I've been putting it off for a long time even though we have coverage. I guess I'd better go while it's cheap!

    I hope you start to feel back to your old self soon. I feel pretty moody lately too, and really homesick for you and Jordana. I think part of it is that I'm tired of winter and ready for sunny warm weather.

    Jarom and I are starting to plan our summer trips, so I'm going to make sure we come out to see you! :)

  2. You are the busiest mom I know. My head spins when I read all that is going on in your home. But knowing how awesome you are, what a good, supportive husband you have and that you are teaching your children to be the same, helps me recognize that you are doing what you need to and that things will be as they should. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I love you so much and think you are doing a wonderful job every day.

  3. I know.....what a crazy week!...what ever happened to us being "mothers who know"? oh well maybe next week! We love you and the great example you are to our children xoxoxo


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