Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Get Youself Known at the School Office

I had an embarrassing moment today, and when I told my sister about it she was laughing so hard she could barely talk to tell me that she was totally going to tell her friends about THIS.

Today I had to call the school to see if Jesse had made it to there okay.

Because I wasn't really sure.

That's what had her laughing at me.

But here's the whole story.

This morning I was extremely tired because I was up way too late talking on the phone to my sister (same one). Anyway, I slept in a little, but still had plenty of time to get the kids ready for school, until I got distracted talking to Scott about what Jordana and I had been talking about on the phone.

So. Then we were really running late, and it was pouring rain outside, and Scott was getting ready to go to Toronto, but said he would take the kids to the bus.

Jesse was the first one ready and headed out the door on his own.

Brett, who was complaining that he didn't feel well, (more about that later) was uncharacteristically lagging behind and left a couple of minutes after Jesse. He decided to go to the second bus stop because he knew he was late.

Scott and Samantha were the last ones to leave. Samantha ran ahead to make it to the first stop, but Scott followed Brett to the second one.

A few minutes later Scott came home and told me that when he got to the end of our road, before he followed Brett to the bus, he didn't see Jesse anywhere. He was pretty sure he got on the bus because, where else would he go at 7:50 AM, but he didn't actually see him. At all.

In typical Cassandra fashion, I started freaking out. Scott had to get his stuff ready to go for his trip, but suggested that I call the school to make sure Jesse was there. I told him I would do no such thing.

I had a church meeting to go to that morning, so I considered stopping in on my way to see for myself instead of calling. But my meeting wasn't starting for almost 2 hours, so I really couldn't wait that long to be sure.


That is why I had to swallow my pride and call the school secretary to ask if our 5 year old kindergartner had made it to school safe and sound.

And he had.

Then, wouldn't you know it, a couple of hours later, the secretary called me back and asked me to come pick up Brett, who was sick in class.

Brett spent the rest of the day watching movies and resting in bed.

I spent the rest of the day checking on him every 15 minutes to take his temperature and see if he needed anymore chicken soup / apple juice / soda crackers / Advil / blankets.

And hoping not to get a phone call from Children's Aid.

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  1. I haven't checked this blog in forever. I love this story, I'm so glad you wrote it down, I was totally laughing again even though I knew what happened!


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