Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Update: The Neverending Sickness

Clara's eye has improved, although it is still kind of goopy.

Brett is back at school today for the first time since Friday (when I had to go pick him up).

Samantha is still sick, although I think the worst may be behind her now. She hasn't vomited since Monday.

Nathan was fine until about 15 minutes ago, when I got him out of his crib, and noticed he too has a brutal fever.

Actually, my first clue was the fact that he was in his crib until 10:45 this morning. I had been up there a few times to see if he was ready to get out, and he wasn't even sitting up. Usually if he's left for too long after he's awake he starts jumping up and down and yelling, "Get out!"

Jesse, Scott and I have been fine so far. Hopefully it's because our immune systems are strong enough to boycott this bug.

Okay, gotta run. Nathan's aksing for a sippy-cup refill and Clara's trying to latch onto my arm while I type.

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