Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update: Daylight Savings Weekend

Scott took the three older kids to the Monster Truck Show at the JLC on Saturday. Samantha liked it, but Jesse thought it was too loud. Apparently he didn't handle the noise very well, even with ear plugs.

I was up until just after midnight on Saturday night trying to get caught up on Primary and other stuff. I was getting ready to head to bed when I realized that with Daylight Savings, it was actually about 1:15 AM. I changed the clock in our bedroom and set the alarm, as Scott had to be at the church for a 7:00 meeting.

I heard him get up and shower, but made the mistake of rolling back over for a few more minutes of sleep as he was leaving. Bad idea.

Needless to say, we were late for church. But as we were walking in at 9:47, I couldn't help but think that since it felt like 8:47 to us, and considering how much I slept in, that was actually pretty good.

We had the Bridge family over for Sunday dinner, along with Jeff & Lindsey. It was fun to get together and visit and enjoy the day.

Monday I went in to Jesse's school to help in the lunchroom. Nathan wasn't on his best behaviour, so I had to spend a lot of time giving him my attention. He has been very demanding since being sick last week. He's also picked up some bad habits, like wanting to have his soother and blanket all day long.

After school Samantha came home really grumpy. She had tons of make up work to do from being away so much last week and she was completely miserable.

After a couple of hours of attempting to do Social Studies and getting virtually nowhere, she was sent to her room. Scott went up a little while later and found her sleeping!

Honestly, I don't think Samantha has EVER gone to bed before 8:30 PM in her life. Maybe as a baby a few times, but even then she was more inclined to stay up late.

We had dinner and Family Home Evening without her and she slept all night for a total of 14 hours.

Jesse, on the other hand, barely slept at all last night as he was up for most of the night with terrible earaches. His mouth was bothering him this morning, and he seems to be cutting his 6 year molars.

We just had lunch and Jesse's resting on the couch with his blanket watching a movie now. I just gave him some Advil, so hopefully he'll be okay for a bit while I shower and give Clara a bath.

Scott went back into court today, as he was summoned for jury duty in an eight victim murder trial that took place outside of London. The judge excused him though, as the trial is expected to last several months, during which he wouldn't be able to run his business.

Although he knew it would be near impossible for him to be on the jury for the next few months, he was still a bit disappointed, as he thought it would be a great experience.

Uncle Arden passed away on Friday and the Funeral is tomorrow. My grandpa is now the only sibling alive in his family of seven children. I can't imagine how hard that would be.

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  1. Oh man, that is so crazy about the jury duty! Too bad, it would have been such a cool experience.


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