Saturday, July 28, 2007

More About Brett

I can't believe Brett is 5 years old! He is so mature in a lot of ways, yet still so innocent and young. He is a wonderful brother to all of his siblings. He adores his big sister, and would do anything for her. Jesse is his friend and playmate, and although they have their occasional fights, they get along famously more often than not.

Nathan is Brett's little sweetheart, and he is the first person Brett looks for when he wakes up in the morning. Brett loves to play with him, sing to him, make him laugh, and laugh at Nathan in return. A funny face, a grab for a toy, or any attempt at baby-talk will send Brett rolling in a fit of laughter. Tonight Brett was so excited that he got to feed Nathan his pablum at dinnertime. But perhaps the biggest testament to how much Brett really loves his baby brother is that he is always willing to share his special blanket with Nathan. Now that is true love!

(These pictures were taken on April 2, 2007 - Nathan was almost 3 months old)

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  1. Brett, you are such a good boy. You are an example to your family and friends. Always remember that choosing to do what is right will make you happy. We love you so much. Grandma Kathy


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