Friday, August 3, 2007

Alberta Bound

We are packing up for our big road trip to Alberta and plan to leave tomorrow evening after Scott is done work. We are so excited as we have been planning this trip for months now. This week we have been bust running around getting ready. On Monday we had a DVD player installed in our van to help entertain the kids for 30 hours of driving! We even have wireless headphones so that Scott & I can listen to our own music while the kids watch non-stop Disney. Or should I say, Scott can listen to his music while I read Harry Potter! :)

I'm not taking my laptop on our trip, but I will still try to update the blog at least once or twice a week while we are away.

On a totally different subject... Jesse got stung by a bee today! He was out on the balcony, and I was in the kitchen, so I didn't actually see it, but Brett said there were three bees flying around and one stung Jesse when he was sitting in a chair. He was in quite a bit of pain and had a huge red bump on the bottom of his big toe. I quickly googled "bee sting treatments" and decided to try a home remedy - making a paste out of water and baking soda (after checking that he wasn't allergic and that there wasn't any stinger still in his toe). It worked like a charm and within 15 minutes he was running around pain-free, although the bump was still visible. How did I ever live without Google???

I took some pictures of Jesse recovering on the couch, but I will have to share those later because it's now 1:48 AM! I always do this before a big trip - stay up way too late making sure everything is going to be ready for the next day. I really need to get some sleep so that I'm not too tired to read, I mean, drive tomorrow.

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