Sunday, July 8, 2007

Update From the Cottage

This past week has been great for summer vacation... not so great for blogging! I guess it's time to get caught up a little bit.

Scott's officially on vacation this week and we are spending our time up at the cottage in Tobermory. It's so fun to be up here with the kids - it's the perfect place for children to be during the summer!

Last Sunday we went to visit Jeff and Lindsey in Michigan. Monday we went out for brunch, did some shopping, Jeff & Scott played a little tennis, and we went for a swim in their pool before driving back Monday evening. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday our kids had play dates every day with friends. Friday was Brett's 5th birthday and he celebrated with a party at the Children's Museum. On Saturday Aunt Corinne watched our children while Scott and I went to the temple and out for dinner at the Mandarin.

I will have to share pictures later, as I didn't bring my own laptop up to the cottage, and haven't put any pictures on Scott's laptop yet. Just a couple of other things before I go...

Scott got a promotion at work this week - congratulations Scotty! :)

Saturday Brett scored his first soccer goal! Scott was far more excited about this accomplishment than he was about his work promotion. Brett and Jesse have really enjoyed playing soccer together this year. They're both bummed that it's all over now (there are technically 2 weeks left, but we'll be away for both of those). I'm definitely looking forward to a lot more soccer games in the future.

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