Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nathan at Six Months

Nathan is six months old now, and continues to grow and change almost daily. He's become quite good at sitting up, and is starting to play with his toys a lot more. He grabs for anything within his reach, and if he can actually grasp onto something it goes straight into his mouth. He has started taking some interest in our cat, Oscar. He notices whenever Oscar is in the room and watches his every move. If he's ever within reach, Nathan will try to grab his tail or ears, but hasn't succeeded yet, as Oscar is just too quick. (He's had a lot of practice running from the likes of our kids)

Nathan started eating solids this past week. He loves his pablum and ate a whole bowl-full at his first feeding. Here's a picture of his first pablum on July 5 (above) and another picture of him eating at the cottage (below). I love the old high chair up there. It must be over 50 years old, and it's fun to think of all the McKee (and Hill) babies that have eaten out of the same chair - including Scott, I'm sure. I know all of our kids have. The buckle is long gone, so I tied Nathan to the chair with a dishtowel so he wouldn't fall out.

Nathan is such a good-natured baby. Here he is, smiling, after being kissed on the forehead by Jesse on the terrace of The Sweet Shop in Tobermory. I think he was wishing the kiss was about four inches lower so he could have enjoyed a taste of that Triple Tornado ice cream.


  1. When you are in Barnwell, Nathan can sit in the red high chair at Grandpa Reed's that is also over 50 years old. It was bought when Grandma Kathy was a baby. All her children used it, and probably all of your children have too.

  2. I can't believe how big Nathan is getting! And so chubby! I love it! I can't wait to see you all again...


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