Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cottage Pictures

Here are some pictures from our trip to the cottage. Cameron Lake is great for kids as it is shallow for quite a ways past the shore. Samantha, Brett, & Jesse loved to swim in the Lake, and spent a lot of time playing games, trying to catch minnows, and jumping off the dock.

Nathan wasn't too sure about swimming in the Lake at first, but he got used to it eventually.

Hanging out in the cottage...

Here's Samantha coming inside after a water fight with Scott. She's such a good sport. :)

Brett stopped husking corn long enough to pose for a picture.

Jesse just loves to be outside. He would often be the first one out to play in the morning, and the last one in for supper. One cottage tradition for our kids is feeding the chipmunks. We had two chipmunks (or maybe the same chipmunk on two different occasions?) get into the cottage while we were there. Both times we were able to lure the chipmunk out with a trail of peanuts.

This is one of the first boat rides the kids took with Scott - before we put on the big motor.

On Thursday we had a family adventure while Nana watched Nathan. We took the boat across Cameron Lake, then paddled through the narrows until we reached the Cyprus Lake Trail (Cyprus Lake is part of Bruce Peninsula National Park). We docked the boat at a bridge on the trail, and hiked along Cyprus Lake until we met up with the Bruce Trail. We took the Bruce Trail out to Georgian Bay where we had a great time jumping in and swimming at the Bay. We then hiked back to the boat and and headed back home to the cottage. We took a short detour to rescue a couple in a canoe who had capsized at the back of Cameron Lake and couldn't get to shore. This was one of my favourite days at the cottage.

We tried our hand at fishing a couple of times, with no luck. However, our neighbour went out twice a day and never came home empty-handed. He brought over some freshly-caught pickerel and taught us how to skin and de-bone it. Then Nana cooked it for dinner while we were out hiking and it was delicious.

Jesse wasn't too keen on holding the fish.... But he sure liked eating it!

Bill and Scott learned that there's more than one way to skin a fish... but you really need a good fillet knife!

Enjoying ice cream cones at The Sweet Shop - a great cottage tradition.

The Saturday before we left , Jeff & Lindsey came up for the weekend. It was fun to hang out with them for a bit - although we wish we could have had more time together. This was Lindsey's first time at the cottage.

Karri & Dave and family also came to the cottage on Saturday.... after driving out from Alberta in record time. Samantha was having so much fun with her cousins, we decided to leave her there for an extra few days so they could have some more time together. Here she is with Hannah and Sara in their new matching pj's.


  1. How good to hear about your visit to the cottage. I, too, have nice memories of a few visits there. Traditions such as this fill your lives with vivid memories of families, fun and love. And pictures help the memories stay bright.
    Hope the rest of your summer is just as enjoyable.

  2. Great pics Cassandra. Someday, we have to get up and see this cottage and the beautiful scenery and nature there.
    Hey, how about posting your potato salad recipe? If its top secret I totally understand. Its to die for.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Your pictures turned out really well :D

  4. Great job Cassandra. I guess I need to do this someday too! Love, Karri

  5. oh cottage memories! i have such fond ones of that place as a child..pretty much doing all the same things your kids enjoy each time they go. in fact if you were to rewind 15-20 years ago those would be pics of the durocher and hill kids catching minnows in cameron lake! oneday ill have to go back..your blog is soo fun!



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