Saturday, February 5, 2011

Update: Saturday

This morning I left the house to run errands, hoping to be back in a couple short hours. But it was not to be.

Apparently the day before the Superbowl merits crowds and lines comparable to Christmas Eve.

Plus it has been snowing again and the roads were pretty bad.

Scott was super Dad at home with the kids all day, plowing through homework, reading logs, piano practice, frozen pizza, and a little Super Mario here and there.

Then Brett was off to a birthday party, I had a good long chat with my little sister, and made some preparations for a potluck we are going to tomorrow.

Pretty soon it was time for JD's hockey game. I had asked some friends to watch Nathan and Clara so I could go to the game.

I don't often attend JD's games, because I end up spending the majority of the time chasing the little ones around the arena while they complain of being bored, cold, and hungry.

Not hungry for the good snacks in the diaper bag, just for the candy and pop in the vending machines.

But tonight I was ready with my video camera and no kids.

When we arrived at the arena, we learned that the team we were scheduled to play (from out of town) had canceled due to the bad driving conditions.

The coaches quickly split our team into two, and they had their own game instead, against each other.

It was a surprisingly good game, and afterward JD said that it was his most fun game yet.

Maybe because he got his very first goal of the season. Way to go, JD!

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  1. Yeah, Jesse! Congratulations on your goal. Can't wait to see you skating on your rink. Seems that Saturdays are always busy. Try to melt all the snow before Wednesday for me, or maybe I will just being some warm weather with me. Can't wait to see everyone...


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