Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pantry Makeover

Our pantry was getting way too full and disorganized, so I decided it was time to clean it out.

Here it is before:

And after:

Everything that we don't use often went downstairs to the cold room.
I found some clear glass jars for rice, oatmeal and flour at Home Sense.

I have a separate baking cupboard for sugar, vanilla, baking powder, soda, chocolate chips, etc. but I wanted extra large jars for things we use lots of.

The clear plastic containers have pasta, quinoa, cornmeal, croutons, raisins, nuts, etc. They all have seals for freshness. They are also from Home Sense and they range in price from $4 to $8.

The big baskets are great for organizing all of the smaller items such as fruit cups, granola bars, crackers, etc.

The one on the top shelf has plastic utensils, plates, napkins, etc.

The baskets were a steal at Canadian Tire for 75% off. I think they came out to around $3 each. I'm kicking myself for not getting a few extra.

These Rubbermaid cereal bins are great because the jumbo sized cereal boxes don't fit on these lower shelves - they're too tall - but these containers fit perfectly. I like to have the cereal right at my kids level so they can serve themselves breakfast. I picked them up at Costco last summer.

The organizer in me wanted to label everything, but I decided not to because I have a tendency to change my mind every once in a while. Okay, all the time. And I want to be free to switch things around.

I also put a holder on the wall for the broom so it no longer falls out on you when you open the door.

So much better...


  1. Cassandra,
    You are so amazing....only home one day and into organizing already. You are an inspiration to me. I better get going to Home Sense. I really like those large clear jars. I may have to have an island built to fit them. That's one way to get more room . Ha!

  2. Now where is it you find the time...like you have 5 kids and Scott....Gee....I have a pantry with way to much stuff in it....Started to take everything out last week...Pete came in the house and said "Wanna go to lunch with me?" I dropped everything..and left. Came home and stuck it right back in the cupboard....SO maybe next week!!!

  3. I noticed your little makeover when I was there the other day. It looks awesome!

  4. Sigh...oh how I love everything in its place. You're a girl after my own heart Cassandra!!! xo


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