Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Play On! Nationals this Weekend

This week is a Play On! week for us. In a couple of days we will be holding the National Championship Event in Victoria, BC.

The event is part of Hockey Day in Canada, and parts of it will be broadcast live on Saturday, February 12. Fifty teams from across the country will travel to the west coast to compete for the Redwood Cup.

I am excited to return to beautiful Victoria, where we will get to enjoy warmer weather (although currently, rain is forecasted for the weekend), get to see some family, and enjoy what has always been a very fun event.

Scott and I leave early Thursday morning, and his parents have offered to come watch our kids, bless their hearts.

I've been spending the past couple of days working non-stop on preparations for the event.

I am very grateful for kind friends who have helped out with the kids while I've been working, and for our favourite pizza place that delivers outside of the city.

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