Friday, February 18, 2011

Samantha's Project

Samantha did a project comparing the Governments of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

She went to the library and got some books. She found photos and did additional research on the internet.

She made a poster of her findings with text and pictures.

She made a sculpture out of clay showing the red and white crowns that symbolized Upper and Lower Egypt.

But what impressed me the most was that she did it all en francais.

Since most of the research was done in English, she had to translate it into French for her project. And she did a great job!


  1. That is very impressive. Congratulations to Samantha and mom for a job well done.

  2. Oh my goodness, so many posts lately, I love it! The event looks amazing, I'm glad it all went well. I am so jealous of your pantry makeover, mine has been in desperate need of one for a while now. And Samantha's project totally reminded me of doing projects like that in Elementary, except for the french part of course. What a little smartie, I bet she aced it, the poster looks awesome! We need to catch up soon, I miss you!

  3. Good for you smart kid!!! That's the way to do it...The world is your can do what ever you like!!! Im proud of you!!! Aunt Heather.

  4. Hey Samantha,
    I personally got to see the project and it was awesome! You really did do alot of research and what a great mark you got. Way to go Sam,....keep up the great work,and it will always pay off.


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