Monday, February 7, 2011

Reading Buddies

One of the days Brett was home sick, he spent the day on the couch reading.

Clara decided to join in with her board books.

I love that our older three can read to the little ones. It's so sweet. Sometimes Brett will put Nathan to bed at night by reading him a few books and tucking him in.

Brett has traditionally been into non-fiction books, but recently has found a series that he enjoys called Beast Quest.

I am just finishing up book three in The Hunger Games trilogy and will be looking for something to read next.

Any suggestions?


  1. That's so cute! It will be nice when Jayna can actually read so she can do this. For now she just makes up the words to "read" to Kepler. I need some good book suggestions too, let me know if you get any!

  2. I love that Brett reads to Nathan and Clara! That's great! Yes, I have two suggestions for you that Sara and I just read and LOVED! They are called Princess Academy and The Goose Girl. Both by Shannon Hale. Samantha would love them too! Happy reading! What did you think of the Hunger Games trilogy?


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