Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After Bath Time

Nathan and Clara love to have baths.

And after they get out, they love to stay wrapped up in their towels for a while.

They pretend to hide.


They make faces.

Clara likes to find her own belly button.

And finally, when they are good and dry, they put on some clothes.


  1. This is so fun!!!!! lol...makes me think about my kids a life time ago...when Kenz stays with us...I throw her towel in the dryer...its easier to entice her out of the tub!!!thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love Clara's curls, and her towel. Nathan's starting to look more like Jesse, at least in these pics.

  3. This is exactly what happened when we stayed with the kids. Although most of the time I couldn't get them out of the tub. They especially love bubbles. The bubbles would have to be totally gone before they would get out. Then it's true staying in towels is lots more fun then getting dressed.


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