Friday, April 15, 2011

Missing My Babies

Nathan and Clara have spent most of this week at their Nana & Papa's house.

We sure have missed them!

The past few days around here have been peaceful, quiet, lonely, and... ridiculously productive.

And it truly is amazing how clean the house stays all day long. I could get used to that part.

But man, I've sure missed them...

To prepare for the upcoming Play On! season, I needed to update all of the Appendix files for the local Operators, set up the finance spreadsheets and accounts, and a few other organizational tasks.

And last night I hosted a triple baby shower (more about that later - it was so much fun).

Samantha had a talent show at her school, and well, it was a really busy week.

So Nana came to the rescue and agreed to watch Nathan & Clara. So much better than forcing them to watch Treehouse for 14 hours a day, while surviving on a diet of goldfish and rice cakes.

Thank you, Nana!

Being super busy with work helped when we were missing our little munchkins.

Did I mention how much we've missed these kids?

They get back later today and I can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks!

Happy Weekend, everyone!!


  1. In that last pic of Clara, is that dress from Costco? If so, then we have matching girls in matching dresses. That dress is so cute! Your kids are so adorable. I miss them too!

  2. Any time you need to share them ...send them her way...She shared..and we LOVED it!!! great was fun!

  3. You sound like you have been so productive! I was tired reading your blog! Amazing how much you do miss each other when you're apart, huh? Distance does make the heart grow fonder! Sounds like they had a riot while they were gone though! It's great to have family around!


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