Thursday, April 7, 2011

Confessions from a Mean Mom

My children often accuse me of being the meanest Mom ever.

I admit that I struggle daily as a Mom. I am not a very patient person. I have raised my voice, lost my cool, and have had parenting moments that I would change if I could go back.

But those aren't the things they complain about.

Here are some of the reasons why my kids think I am super mean:

I make them eat vegetables and other healthy food. And I don't fill their lunchbags with Fruit-roll-ups, chips, candy, or soda pop.

I make them brush their teeth and hair. And use soap to get clean in the bath. And wash their hands when they come in the house.

I make them go to bed "early" on school nights (early being 8:30 PM).

I make them tidy up their stuff, make their beds, empty the dishwasher, clean the bathrooms, etc.

I make them do their homework and practice the piano. And learn theory.

I make them apologize and hug each other when they have a fight.

I don't let them play DSi 24 hours a day. I don't even let them keep their DSi's in their own possessions.

Oh, and I put Clara in time-out when she's naughty. I get all kinds of evil eyes when this is going on.

As you can see, I'm definitely up there on the Mean Mom list.

My own Mother has even accused me of being a mean - or should I say a strict - Mom. Because I make my kids wait until the cookies have cooled before they get to eat them.

Ironically, my kids are fine with the waiting part. They have seen homemade cookies so often that they think I'm mean because I don't buy them Oreos, Arrowroots, and Chips Ahoy.

Aaaaah, I just can't win on that one.

But that's okay, because the truth is... I make the cookies for Scott.


  1. And because you are so mean, you have some awesome kids!

  2. Amen to what Lindsey said. You are a kick-butt, Canadian Tiger Mother! I hope I have half your resolve when my kids get older. Hello from Utah!

  3. You are amazing and your kids are super lucky they have someone that cares so much to be THAT mean. They should come to my house and then they will appreciate you all the more. I put the me in mean.

  4. Cassandra,
    I love your blogs. You make me chuckle and touch my heart! Your children don't know yet, how lucky they are to have a Mom like you!! Keep up the "mean" work!!

    Love Aunt Sue

  5. I love this post mom was a "mean mom" too. Even though I didn't appreciate her "meanness" at the time, I do now! You’re such a good mom and I am enjoying your blog.

  6. I hope I can be as "Mean" as you! You are awesome!

  7. Cassandra,
    Only moms who care...make the rules stick. This is also called early organizational skills. (A time to work , a time to be patient, a time to change bad habits and a time to play.) You have brought great order into their now they can do impossible things daily...just like their mom !

  8. Ha, you are SO mean, you should send them over to my house so we can party!! :) This post reminds of the meanest mom blog, and so I would have to say that mean moms make for good entertainment!

  9. I love this post! You are a fantastic mom and all those "mean" things will one day be very appreciated! Thanks for being so real! I think you're great - and I love those kids too!

  10. I wrote you my opinion the other day...and the goofy thing didnt post!!!!grrrrr.SOOO.

    Here is a re-run...I love you....this is a great blog entry....I think you should teach classes in this behavior!!


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