Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update: Lazy Saturday

All the kids slept great last night. I think I slept better than anyone.

Everyone seems to be back to normal this morning. Scott left the house while it was still dark to go play floor hockey.

The four older kids are in the kitchen making Perler Bead creations. It's Nathan's first time, and he's doing great.

Clara is still in bed. She might be awake, but I haven't heard any noises yet. Hopefully she will be feeling better today.

JD has a hockey game this afternoon. He is so excited about it because his team is currently in 3rd place, but if they win today they will move up to 2nd in the league.

Other than some piano practice and homework to catch up on, we don't have any other plans. Looking forward to cleaning the house, finishing up some laundry, and getting ready for a Fireside we are hosting tomorrow night.

And getting photos from the last month off of my camera.

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  1. I'm glad everyone's feeling better. I'll get Gibb to send all our pics when he gets home, sorry I keep forgetting. Tell Jesse good luck at his hockey game!


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