Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had so much fun with Jordana, Gibb, Jayna, Kepler & Sami here for Christmas.

The first couple of days we just hung out and enjoyed playing games, eating, watching movies, making crafts, shopping, and getting ready for Christmas.

Here are the kids showing off the ornaments they decorated and coloured:

Scott spent a lot of time working on the ice rink. It was his Christmas labour of love.

My sister and her husband at our Christmas Eve party.

Children grow up way too fast. This is one of our favourite friends and babysitters. She and Samantha happened to have matching hair at the party. So cute!

Nathan in his Christmas pj's getting ready for bed and hoping Santa will be coming soon.

We called Singapore late on Christmas Eve to wish my Mom and sister a Merry Christmas.

They reported that my sister was in labour... and her baby girl was born a few hours later on Christmas day!

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  1. This was so fun, I miss it already! You have so many good pictures I don't have, I need to get them from you. And I keep forgetting to send you pics too. I love all the catch up you've been doing on the blog, keep it coming!


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