Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Nathan has graduated from Nursery. He is now in the Sunbeam class in Primary on Sundays.

He is so excited to be with the big kids!

Now he has started asking when he's going to go to the big kids school on the bus.

Unfortunately, French Immersion starts in SK here, so this fall he will be at a different school for Junior Kindergarten.

I generally try to avoid telling him he's still about 20 months away from going to school with his siblings.

In Nathan's world, it might as well be 20 years.

We have the best Nursery and Sunbeam leaders in our ward. At least he will still get to hang out in Nursery on Wednesday nights while I am at Scouts.

(And look how cute those hats and certificates are.)


  1. That's too bad you guys have been sick again, poor Clara looks miserable! But Nathan makes an adorable Sunbeam! That's awesome they did a whole Nursery graduation, how fun!

  2. Hi Cassandra,
    Tell Nathan congratulations for us. How neat to be in Sunbeams. Nathan looks so cute in his cap.
    Love Nana

  3. He will be missed in nursery ~but thank goodness we have Wed nights xoxoxo


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