Friday, January 14, 2011

Update: January Sickness

This is an excerpt from an email I sent my sisters this evening. I thought it was a good summary of the last couple days around here:

Our kids have been sick since Wednesday evening when Samantha started throwing up before bed. Just after 2:00 AM, JD joined in.

And then last night it was Clara's turn - starting after midnight and continuing on every 45-60 minutes until morning, same as the others.

I haven't slept more than 2 hours at a time since Wednesday. I've cleaned up so much vomit that my hands are dry, cracked, and raw from all the hand-washing. The last thing I want to do is spread the germs.

Scott, myself, Brett, and Nathan have been okay so far (knock on wood) but I'm thinking since everyone else was a bit staggered, we might be next.

The good part is that I've taught my kids where they can vomit, in order or priority. Toilets and sinks are best. Second are the puke bowls they must have beside them at all times. Third is on their beds, or into their shirts or laps, or on the bathroom tile, or hardwood floor.

Most of all they know that they can never, under any circumstances, get sick on the carpet, no matter what. I can wash bedding, blankets, towels, clothes, pajamas, floors, couches, skin and hair, and have done so several times during the past 48 hours. But puke on the carpet is unforgivable.

The other good thing is that it seems to be a short-lived virus as Samantha and JD are both back to normal today. Basically a 24-36 hour thing.

Hopefully Clara will be okay soon, although she still has a high fever.

Some more good things I can mention:

I took a wonderful nap this afternoon, while Samantha held down the fort. One hour of much needed rest.

I have a good sized washing machine that can wash a huge load of dirty clothes and bedding all at once. It's been running non-stop for 2 days.

Scott and I were going to go away next week, but on Wednesday morning we decided to cancel our trip. I am so glad we did!

It feels weird blogging about yucky sickness when there are so many more exciting things on my ever-growing list of things I need to blog about, such as Christmas, New Years, Birthdays, a visit from my sister and brother, a trip to Edmonton, a new niece and nephew, and oh so much more.

I will try to fit some of that in soon... right now I need to go fold some laundry.

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  1. Oh, Cassandra, I feel your pain! Way to go - looking for the positives! Hang in there! You're adding pages to your ever growing "Mom Book" - although not your favourite ones! Good luck! :)


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