Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update: Bug Number Two

Bug number two hit our family last Thursday when Brett came home from school with a fever of 104.

Since then it has hit JD, Clara, and Samantha, in that order, about 1-2 days apart.

Fortunately, this bug doesn't involve any throwing up. Just ridiculously high fevers for about two days, combined with a lingering sore throat and cough.

Clara's fever was so bad last night that she actually started hallucinating. Advil and Tylenol (alternating) have been able to bring it down though.

Seeing Clara like this breaks my heart.


  1. Oh Cassandra...its so hard when the kids are sick....I've been fighting cold symtoms the whole month and I've been miserable..Uncle Peter and I are at the hilton downtown in London. He has a conference for two days. not sure I can be helpful ..but we are here.anyway, if there is anything I can do.... :)

  2. That last photo is heartbreaking. Ugh. I just want to snatch her up and cuddle her.


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