Monday, January 5, 2009

Yesterday we got shocked back into real life, starting with getting up at 6:00 AM for early church. Scott's meetings start at 7:00 AM now, and I had to get up equally as early to get myself and all the kids to the chapel in time for Sacrament Meeting, which starts at 9:30. Luckily, I was able to set up the Primary Room on Saturday when we were at the church all day for the Floor Hockey Tournament.

I was also doing Sharing Time, and trying to make sure everything was organized for the new Primary teachers and classes, etc. But I have to say that everything went really well. We got to church 15 minutes early, everyone was dressed, hair was done, faces washed, and we were even in good moods with no fighting or yelling in the process.

After church we headed straight down to Kingsville for a visit with Pat & Bill. It was good to see them and we had a nice (but too short) visit. Scott & I popped over to visit Grandma Paton, who is in a nursing home in Kingsville. This was our first time visiting her there, and it was hard for both of us to see her. She's regressed a fair bit since moving in there, and is so unhappy, but knows there's nothing she can do about it. She says she can't do anything anymore - she has a hard time seeing (ever since the cataract surgery), can't hear, can't read and write anymore. Anyway, I was glad we got to visit her, even though I left feeling very sad.

Today the kids started school again, and it was back to full time work for Scott and busy days and routines for the rest of us. The kids grumbled a bit when they had to come home and do homework and piano and grumbled a whole lot when they had to get out of bed this morning, but overall I'd say it went okay.

We have zero groceries in the house right now, and I was intending to get out today but it didn't work out, so I'll have to go tomorrow. As a result of being short on time and groceries, I did the unthinkable and served my family beans and wieners for dinner. I wasn't sure what to expect from them, since this was their first time having this particular cuisine. But as it turned out...

The kids loved it. They sat there, all four of them at the table, with their bowls in front of them, a little shredded cheese sprinkled on top, eating happily and saying how fantastic this dinner tasted.

And I was forced to admit that Scott was right - again.

(A little background...)

Three days ago I was complaining to Scott about how our kids are too picky for my liking. This was right after a meal of baked spiced salmon, vegetable-herb rice pilaf and cooked carrots, which the boys ate begrudgingly, Nathan mostly played with, and Samantha missed because she was (very happily) eating over at a friends' house that day.

And Scott's response to my griping was that, well, they're KIDS. They like mac 'n cheese, chicken fingers, and Ramen noodles. They don't get excited about stuffed mushrooms or mango-red pepper salsa, but give them some peanut butter and jelly and they're all good.

Sometimes I hate it when Scott's right.

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  1. He he, that is so funny about the kids being picky eaters. I feel the same way, but when you put it that way, it seems silly that I should expect Jayna to be excited about eating Salmon and rice pilaf (or whatever). Again I think this is Mom's influence coming out in us (we were seriously dream kids)!!

    Anyways, glad to hear the first couple days back to normal life went well. I'm feeling the same way this week. Gibb's been back to work since last week, but this week he's working 7am - 8pm until Thursday to cover for his Uncle being in Australia. So, sorry for the novel but I get a little starved for adult conversation when Gibb's at work ;)


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