Wednesday, January 28, 2009

6 Uninteresting Things About Me

Thanks, Jordana, for tagging me. That was a (not so) subtle way to get me to post an update. I'm sick of looking at those pretzel hugs too, although they were quite tasty.

My 6 uninteresting facts:

1. I love Excel Spreadsheets. As soon as I think of a new project, task, schedule, chart, anything, I race to my laptop to create a spreadsheet for it. I think I'm addicted.

2. Up until about 4 weeks ago, I had never seen the show, The Office. Scott and I started renting it after Christmas and now we're on Season Three. How long is Jim going to be working at the Stamford Branch? (Don't answer that - I hate spoilers)

3. I used to have straight blond hair, but it has become increasingly dark and wavy over the years (having children really helped with that). I usually get highlights to keep a little blond in it, but if you look at my roots - which are way too long at the moment - they are dark brown. I now have to use a flat iron or round brush to get my hair to go straight and smooth.

4. I played classical guitar for five years (all through high school). I was in two guitar Ensembles and we travelled to Boston, Chicago, Montreal, and New York City to compete in International Music Festivals. I still have my guitar, but haven't picked it up in nearly 8 years.

5. I have my own Webkinz. He is a Buffalo named Barnwell, and was a Christmas gift to me from Samantha. I don't spend a lot of time in Webkinz World, but I do have an outdoor strawberry garden and I like to send my kids virtual gifts through Kinz Post, especially secret recipe creations.

6. I am currently in the middle of updating 28 Appendices for our Play On! Operations Manual for 2009. I need to get them done today and I am on number 16.

Okay, I will tag Lindsey, Shelley, Cheryl, Diane, Robyn, and anyone else who feels like posting unspectacular things about themselves. Go for it! I promise to come read them all.


  1. Ha ha, I love that excel is #1 on your list, your first love...after Scott of course. I didn't know you guys started watching the Office!!! (See, good thing you did this) Do you love it? That show makes me laugh every week! I really miss you guys, I wish we were next door neighbours so we could watch the Office together. Good luck with all the Play On! stuff.

  2. Haha! I think it's funny that Excel is first on your list. Haha, I love The Office too! And 30 Rock. I miss you and hope we can see each other before your hair gets any wavier or darker ;)

  3. Thanks Cassandra :) Here goes...

    1. I like - wait, need - everything to sit parallel and/or perpendicular. Books on nightstands, magazines on tables, laptops on desks...the neurotic list goes on and on...

    2. I am an expert at not making eye contact in public. It was a habit I picked up while living in Toronto - nobody makes eye contact there! - and becomes especially annoying when people point out other people/things that I always end up missing (this is quickly becoming a list of things I hate about myself)!

    3. I need to move on an annual basis. I get bored with things very quickly and am always on the hunt for a new place (...or country :)

    4. I love to eat in bed…and that isn't limited to breakfast. Give me a steak and I will happily prop up a pillow and get stuck in!

    5. I love buying design magazines, but rarely actually read them. I flip through them in about 5 minutes and never pick them up again (well, until I move next).

    6. I love the feeling of holding a Starbucks cup. This is the result of a previous addiction where I was requesting 4 espresso shots in my morning latte. I rarely drink coffee now, but am secretly obsessed with Chai tea lattes - and nobody makes them like Starbucks!

    Hope that was uninteresting enough for you ;) Diane X


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