Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update: Jesse Humour

We're all sick with colds here (or have been in the last week). Nathan and Clara have it the worst.

Jesse started it all. He missed two days of school last week. He only had school on Tuesday and Thursday, so essentially he had the week off. Since then it's just been passed around to the rest of the family.

I'm taking Clara into the doctor today for her 4 month checkup. I doubt they'll give her any shots, given that she's sick. She had a really bad diaper rash last week that was so raw it was almost bleeding. It's better now, but still not gone.

We saw Pat & Bill last week when had them over for lunch on Wednesday after Pat's doctor appointment. They also came in on Saturday to have dinner with us at Jeff & Lindsey's as Lindsey's parents were here for the weekend. That was fun.

This morning Jesse said that he thinks Clara is going to be a cowgirl when she grows up. I asked him why he thought that and he said, "Because, Mom, look at her! She's swinging her arm around just like a cowgirl."


  1. How is everything that comes out of Jesse's mouth either so funny or so adorable?? That's too bad you guys are all sick, poor Clara being sick and a diaper rash, I hope she's not too miserable. We really miss you guys, I need to call you this week! The other day Jayna asked if Cousin Jesse and Nathan could come over, I don't know how she remembered them out of the blue. Jayna has been reminding of Jesse a little bit lately, in that she LOVES to try and be funny, and will say anything silly to try and get a laugh. Hope you all feel better soon, love you guys!!

  2. Aw poor Clara! I hope you guys get better soon! I don't know how your kids come up with such cute things to say, or how on earth a cowgirl swings her arm around, but you must be laughing at the funny things your kids say all the time. I miss you guys. xoxo


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