Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update: Nathan Turns Two

Nathan turned 2 on Sunday. We had Jeff & Lindsey over and another family we've become friends with recently. We wanted to keep it simple, so we did walking tacos and Oreo ice cream cake.

Nathan had a fun day, although I don't think he knew it was his birthday. But he loved the extra attention and excitement.

He surprised me when he tried grabbing the flames on his birthday candles. None of our other kids have ever done that, and he just kept trying, even after I told him they were hot.

And I think he enjoyed having his friend Jacob over to play. Mike & Shannon have three girls, and Samantha just adores playing with them, so it was really fun for her too.

Nathan all of a sudden seems bigger. I'm not sure if I just noticed it because he had his birthday, or if he's really doing more things these days. One thing I'm sure of is that we somehow bonded over the weekend and he's been more clingy to me lately. Always wants to play together and be doing whatever I'm doing. It's so cute, especially coming from such a die-hard Daddy's boy.

I spent a good part of the day today entering in receipts for business expenses. Took a while, but it's nice to get it checked off the never-ending To Do list.

I also spent about 2 hours with Jesse, then Brett, and Samantha doing some much-needed one on one piano practicing. It's been so long since they've had lessons and really didn't play much at all over the break, except for their Christmas songs.

Samantha really likes her new teacher, but she seems to give a fair bit more homework than her old one, so that's keeping her busy.

The kids and I have been reading the chapter books they got for Christmas every night at bedtime. I read to the boys together (hockey and Pokemon books) and then Samantha afterwards. Right now she and I are reading Inkheart and I really like it. Tonight I was tempted to read ahead just to find out what happens next, but I didn't.

Tomorrow I go in for my appointment with LASIK. I'm a little nervous, but very excited too. If I'm a good candidate, we can book a date for the surgery. Hopefully all will go well.

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  1. I can't believe Nathan is 2!! I wish I could've been at his birthday party. It was so fun to talk to you and Samantha the other day. She still has such a little voice but she's so mature on the phone. I miss you guys. Let me know how your LASIK tests turn out! xoxo


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