Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Is Here

It's the last week of school, the last weekend of our 8-week event season, the last week of 3 on 3 hockey for the boys, last week of cubs and youth activities, and tonight is the last piano lesson until September.

It feels like things should be winding down a little bit, but really it's just on to the next set of activities... 

Soccer, the cottage, girls camp, weddings, family activities / visits / trips and... one more little thing, what was it again?  

Oh, right.  Six kids home all day with no school for 9 weeks.  

No big deal.  

I just moved bedtime up to 1:30 PM so I think we are all set.

I'm really going to miss my Mom when she disappears to Alberta for a month.  

Here are a few photos with some things we've been up to lately.

Clayton's first hockey game (Brett & JD's 3 on 3).  Clara was yelling so loud, cheering for her brothers, that the people in front of us decided to move seats.  Thank goodness they don't sell out at Novice Boys Rec. League hockey games.

JD had a school performance - he was one of three circus clowns.  Here he is afterwards showing off his brother to all his friends.  Poor little Clayton was so hot.  Their school doesn't have AC (crazy!) and this day it was nearly 40 degrees out!  

The play was super cute... only I couldn't understand 99.9% of it because it was in French.  

Samantha's class performed Macbeth.  In English.  
I understood most of it.  Just not the lines that were in iambic pentameter.  

Samantha played the part of the doctor that pronounced Lady Macbeth dead.  

We planned to do outdoor cooking for our last day of Cubs.  We had prepped five different foods to cook - so the boys could earn their cooking badges.  

Approximately 1 hour before the activity, we started getting torrential downpours, thunder, and lighting.  So we moved the whole thing into the Church kitchen at the last minute.  It was a little chaotic, but the boys still had fun.  

Baked apples...  stuffed and ready for the oven. 

Saturday our kids had a total of 4 soccer games and one hockey game between them.  

Clara got sick last week with a terrible cough, stuffy nose, and slight fever.  
I wanted to feel bad for her, but I was too busy enjoying the peace and quiet while she was sleeping 18 hours a day.  

This little snowman attached to a square of soft and silky blanket fabric was Nathan's favourite when he was a baby.  About 4 months ago he decided he would give it to the new baby when he was born.  So whenever he sees Clayton sleeping he insists on making sure he has his snuggle toy.  

And don't forget the neck support cushion stuck on his head like a hat.  

Clayton had to get used to his carseat really quickly and has already spent a lot of time in it going from one activity to the next.  

Don't worry, we have Clara to make sure he does't get bored... 

My sweet boys.  

Looking forward to a fun and busy summer! 


  1. Oh my goodness, 6 kids home for the summer, you poor poor girl!! But if anyone can do it, it's you!! Clayton is getting so big, I love his chubby cheeks!! Haha, too funny about enjoying the peace and quiet while Clara was sick, way to see the silver lining. :) I love that pillow on the couch, is that new? And Clara is looking a lot bigger too. I miss you guys!!

  2. Ok, so pretty much ditto everything Jordana said! And I'm liking the idea of a 1:30 bedtime. I could go for that!

  3. LOL I can't believe Clara got them to move!!! That is serious talent!!! I laughed when I saw the UNO cards, too cute!!! And I fully agree it is hard to feel sorry for them when the peace and quiet is so devine!!! Good luck with your summer of 6!!!!!


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