Saturday, October 20, 2007

What Happens When....

Multiple Choice:

What happens when you leave a three year old and a nine month old alone in a room for 5 minutes while you are fixing lunch, folding laundry, or checking your email?

a. The three year old gives the baby a makeover with a green marker.
b. The three year old stuffs several toys and a soother down the front of the baby's sleeper.
c. The three year old pulls the baby's arm out of his sleeper and slathers it in baby oil.
d. All of the above.

At our house the correct answer would be d. All of the above.

(Note the bulging tummy)

(Notice the shiny arm and more marker on the [white] carpet)

Here's a picture of what was actually in his sleeper:

And, finally, here's what happens when I try to blog on a Saturday morning, instead of late at night when the kids are sleeping:


  1. Ok, those are some of the funniest pictures I've ever seen! Poor Nathan! I especially love Jesse's oh-so-innocent face! Hehehe I didn't know you still had those pj's either!

  2. ps. I can`t believe Nathan crawls now!!!

  3. you will have to hold on to those for the 'wedding slideshow' in about 20 years....glad to see everyone has their own adventures with raising children...I am telling you 14 year olds are much easier lol xoxoxo

  4. The fact that Nathan is actually crying in that one picture really says a lot! I would love to know what Jesse's thinking for just one day...


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